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Awhile ago a lady conntacted me via my website regarding her Great Uncle who was the senior commanding officer of my Dads Unit , "Z" AOW (Advanced Ordnance Workshop) R.A.O.C , Major Henry Ortiger .

She wrote :-

The only account I have of his death, a somewhat confused memory of Henry’s sister recounts that, when Singapore fell, Henry – and I quote

‘…was told to swim with his Regiment to Samosa {probably she means Sentosa or as it was also known Blakang Mati} and from there to try and get to India. But as the men plunged into the water, the Japs who were sitting hidden in a cove, shot each man of the Regiment. A friend of Henry’s who used to work with Henry in the Ammunition Room, making light Aircraft…reported that Major Ortiger was lying the in the water, face up, apparently dead”.


From the information I have , my Father was on a ship , the Pula Soegi , which left singapore on the 13th of Feb 1942 and was sunk in the Banka Strait on the 15th Feb so therfore Major Ortiger was not on this ship .Another lady has been in conntact regarding her

father who is just listed as died during the fall of Singapore ,  this has lead me to wonder what did happen to the rest of my fathers unit so I am in the process of gathering information about the personal of "Z" AOW (some of the personale of 14 Section RAOC were also with them) .


Records I will be reserching :-


Private Papers of R R Rogers , I obtained them from the Imperial War Museam , He was captures in the fall of Singapore and ended up in Changi and on the Thia - Burma Railway.


I will be trying to find Ships leaving Singapore on the 12/02/1942 with RAOC personale on board


Any one know of an Escape from  Padang camp lead by Carracher
March 1942


Kew Records to search


WO305/3009 History of 3 Base Ordinance Depot by Col H R Alden


WO 361/315 Missing RAOC Personal


WO 361/316 MIssing RAOC Personal


Anyone with information please contact me at





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